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Downloadable Resources from Issue 15 - Spring 2013

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Materials  URLs
Six Steps to Build Up Student STEMina
NASA BEST Activities
BEST Supplies can be obtained from  and
Next Generation Science Standards

Teachers Guide to slope

Buggies in action videos

PISA 2009 results

What Would Galileo Do? A Curriculum Approach
TCA Articles-- for reference only, not online:
Galileoscopes--A PhotoStory

Galileo Measured A Mountain And So Can You

Using Galileoscopes to Duplicate Galileo's Solar Observations

What if Ptolemy and Copernicus Played Ping Pong?

By Jove!  You Can Discover Kepler's Third Law Yourself!
Galileoscope information

Training info

Calculating sun angles on the Moon

Daily Sun Photos at:

Galileo's Sun Drawings

Phases of Venus video

Moons of Jupiter activity
(PowerPoint version)

Movie of Jupiter's Moons

Changes in Saturn's Rings' Appearance

About Galileo himself:
Life Lessons
Galileo Project--his background
His life and discoveries
Galileo's Classroom

Year Round Teaching Tool - Astronomy of the Northern Sky - How Bright Is That Star?
Enlarged Charts, and Tables from the article
American Association of Variable Star Observers