The Newsletter on Astronomy Education for K-12, College, and even Home Schooling science teachers.

The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter  (TCA, or TCAN) is a twice-monthly email newsletter, or as we prefer to call it, an Inbox Magazine, covers many of the same topics as the 2009-2015 magazine, and debuted in May 2021. 

The newsletter contains:

  1. Articles on useful educational software.
  2. Regular columns like Astronomical Teachniques–tips and methods to teach specific topics, Connections to the Sky–external sources of resources or programs to help you with your instruction–and The RAP Sheet–items found in scholarly research that you can use now
  3. Occasional short term columns that have been, or are running, that include a look at the astronomy standards in the NGSS–Next Generation Science Standards–and Astronomy Remotely, Internet observatories you can use.
  4. And sometimes other things!

Designed for use for all levels of astronomy educators, including the pandemically virtual home teachers and home schoolers, and anyone who wants more than just a “Wow, what’s up in the sky?” news briefing. Many items come from the most recent astronomy and astronomy education world conferences! Written by longtime astronomer, journalist and educator Dr. Larry Krumenaker. 

Current Issue

Subscribe at https://ClassroomAstronomer.Substack.Com by the month or by the year. Special discount rates for Developing Nation teachers, home school teachers, and science education students (and occasionally others, or all for special events)! The free TCA Lite (which began with Issue 9) gave you about half of each Issue but as of the January 2022 issue, it is an monthly TCA Digest of the current month’s best material.

Here is a sample of a Full Issue!: Issue 13

Here is a special FREE issue, TCA 25, on how to measure the Moon’s size and distance using the passage of the Moon through the Earth’s shadow on May 15-16, 2022, and a tennis ball (or other small sphere)!

On this website you’ll find an index to topics discussed, and you can find the issues’ Tables of Contents. From Issue 9, the Archive on Substack is available only to Full Issue subscribers. When you subscribe, your first issue is free before you are charged.

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