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Downloadable Resources from Issue 14 - Winter 2012-13

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2013's Solar Maximum in the Classroom
Instructions on Making and Using a Magnetometer in a Bottle
Images of coronal mass ejections

Another useful page on this website is

Tracking Solar Storms from Birth to Earth

NOAA Space Weather Scale

Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project

Year Round Teaching Tool - Astronomy of the Northern Sky - Star Colors and Spectral Types
Maps Showing the Northern Stars that are good representatives of Major Spectral Types
plus lists of stars to use.

(With corrected map!)

Social Media for Astronomy Teachers - Good or Bad?

Websites Against the Use of Social media in Education (Evidence)

Astronomical Teachniques
Hurricanes and Sunspot data for graphing and checking for correlations

Photons Focused On - The Trail of William Herschel
The article, for those interested in a possible tour