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Downloadable Resources from Issue 9 - Fall 2011

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Materials  URLs
The Lunar Parallax and December's International Measure The Moon Night The article itself Geobytes City Distance Measurer

(Updated) International Measure the Moon Night website
Archimedes Updated - Give Me A Satellite and I'll Measure Earth's Mass! Charts for determining the heights of satellite orbits
Stellarium software

Paper plate education website

Satellite passage prediction website

Using Galileoscopes to Duplicate Galileo's Solar Observations

ALPO Solar Observation Form

Sun spot photos

Baader solar film

Space Weather

ALPO Solar Interest Group

Space for Math - Finding Exo-Planets

Two light curves of exoplanetary transits

NASA Space Math

Kepler mission data archive

Space Telescope instructions for working with Kepler archives

Star Motions With Sky Simulators

David Chandler Night Sky Wheel

Uncle Al's Sky Wheel
Sky and Telescope's Star Wheel
National Research Council of Canada's Wheel
Stellarium software
World Wide Telescope

RAP Sheet for Astronomy: Pupils Produce Their Own Narratives Inspired by the History of Science: Animation Movies Concern the Geocentric- Heliocentric Debate
poster design and poster presentation concerning cases from the history of science:

group discussion on historical texts

web-site design for the use of instructional material and activities of the classroom inspired by the history of science (,,,