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Downloadable Resources from Issue 1 - Fall 2009

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Materials  URLs
What if Ptolemy and Copernicus Played Ping Pong? Ptolemy and Copernicus Worksheets Astronomy Picture of the Day
Researching Historical Astronomy in the Classroom  Lesson Plan and Rubric  
The International Astronomy Olympiad, A Commentary and Call for Participants Questions The International Astronomy Olympiad website
Arizona, Where "I Can't See The Big Dipper" is Heard   Lowell Observatory
Meteor Crater, Arizona
Sunset Crater National Park
Kitt Peak Visitor Center
MMT Observatory
Grand Canyon National Park
Teachers Challenge - Moon Phases Worksheet  
Astronomical Teach-niques   Website for Iridium and other satellite predictions
Teachable Moment: Jupiter, A Comet and Jupiter's Not-So-Mighty Winds Four Photos Animated GIF of Jupiter/Comet Collision