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Downloadable Resources from Issue 5 - Fall 2010

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   Issue 5 - Fall 2010 Full Table of Contents

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Create Your Own Cosmos, The Way of the Maasai Lesson Plan and Sky Map Maker Chart Maasai Organization

How to Use Maps

Time and Date Info

Stellarium Software

Compass Reading and Magnetic Declination
Crank Astronomy as a Teaching Tool--The Electric Sun Electric Sun Spreadsheet with constants and formulae
Solar Wind Conditions

ACE Satellite Locations

Ampere's Law

Dealing with the Electric Universe

Dealing With Creationism 1

Dealing With Creationism 2
Galileo Measured a Mountain And So Can You! Galileo Mountain Activity
Illuminating Science Through Darkness - 3 - Caught!  Umbra Revealed, Moon's Size and Distance Determined Moon Disks and scale Eclipse predictions, paths, information
Teacher's Challenge - Puzzling Terms
Puzzle and Answers
Photons Focused on: A Kinesthetic Astronomy Chorale 6-Megs Low-resolution

High Res, 81-Megabyte  Movie
Kinesthetic Astronomy
Atlanta Youth Singers of Callenwalde