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Downloadable Resources from Issue 16 - Summer 2013

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Galactic Chicken or Galactic Egg, Which Do You Teach First?
The Galaxy Misconception Quiz, and the Best Order to Teach the Topics Lists
Neil Comins list of misconceptions
Galileo's Diary, A Dramatic Reading

Galileo References:
A&E Networks Television--Galileo Biography
Galileo in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Galileo's Battle for the Heavens, PBS
Year Round Teaching Tool - Astronomy of the Northern Sky - Coordinating Your Positions
Distance Standards in the northern sky, and the relevant Greek alphabet and Constellation abbreviations.

Maps of the Milky Way
A is for Historical Astronomy, or How to Organize Your Universe
Coded Worksheet

Classroom Astronomer -- Astronomy Subject Classification Scheme
PIRA Physics Subject Matter Classification Scheme