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Downloadable Resources from Issue 6 - Winter 2010-11

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Materials  URLs
By Jove!  Discover Kepler's Third Law Yourself! Jupiter Photos Chronologically Arranged

Jupiter Simulation Photos Chronologically Arranged

Jupiter Moon Data Spreadsheets
CLEA simulation Home page

Sky and Telescope Jupiter Simulation
Warning!  Celestial Bodies and Graphing Content Enclosed! Hubble Redshift Data for Galaxies City Information
Goldilocks and the 500 Exoplanets in the Classroom
An encyclopedic listing of exoplanets

Kepler Mission Education Home Page

Kepler Star Wheel

TERC Stellar Properties Activity

GEARS planetary temperature activity

An example of an exoplanetary system

Another example of an exoplanetary system

Search for Extrasolar Planets website

Search for Habitable Planets website

Detecting Extrasolar Planets

Transit Tracks 

LEGO Orrery

TERC Extraordinary Claims

Vogt article

Click!  Ten Picture of the Day Websites

The Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Magazine�s Picture of the Day

Space Fellowship POD

Amateur Astronomy Photo of the Day

NASA Image of the Day


Earth Science Picture of the Day

Lunar Picture of the Day (Gateway to a solar system full of 'of the Day' websites)
An Astronomy Picture of the Day Scavenger Hunt van Gogh Scavenger Hunt Photomontage
Teacher's Challenge - Puzzling Terms
Puzzle and Answers