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Issue 12 - Summer 2012  Downloadable Resources

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Sun Fun - Actively Observing The Active Sun

Is There A Chance of  Storm Today?

A Unique Course In A Most Urban Environment

A Proposal for A Daytime Astronomy Course In The US

Viewing The Sun With Radio Eyes

Lessons Learned From A Ring of Fire

Finding Astronomically Nutritious News Stories

The Transit of Venus Determines the Astronomical Unit
  • Astronomy Planning Calendar - Summer
  • Photons Focused On: - Astronomy in Mexican Cityscapes (The Celestial Streets of Mexico City, A Universe On A Library's Walls)
  • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor's Column) - What a Spring!  Time for some Sun!
Issue 11 - Spring 2012   Downloadable Resources

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What Can You Teach With A Ring of Fire?

After The Transit-of-Venus Party is Over

A Transit of Mercury Lab
From Generation to Generation - Measuring Double Stars

Model Solar Systems - More Than A Walk In the Park

Oh, Nooo! What's That Thing In The Box???  Overcoming Telephobia.
  • Astronomy Planning Calendar - Spring
  • Astronomical Teachniques - Using APOD to Find Out What Interests Introductory Astronomy Student
     - Would You Like a Homemade Dome With That Toy Planetarium?
  • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor's Column) - The Year of Stellar Astronomy

  • Issue 10 - Winter 2011-2  Downloadable Resources

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    Discovering Astronomy Through Poetry

    Sketching The Moon and Galaxies

    Taking Spreadsheets from Dull to Dynamic With Animation

    Which Toy Universe Would a Teacher Want for the Holidays?

    Simulations on your Online Course Pages with HTML5
    • Astronomy Planning Calendar - Winter
    • Photons Focused On - The Moon in Everyday Life
    • Teacher's Challenge - This Issue's Puzzling Terms - Puzzle on planetary configuration and Light terms
    • Astronomical Teachniques - The Planets Rule
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor's Column) - The Arts in the Science
    Issue 9 - Fall 2011   Downloadable Resources

    The Lunar Parallax and December's International Measure The Moon Night

    Archimedes Updated - Give Me a Satellite and I'll Measure Earth's Mass!

    Using Galileoscopes to Duplicate Galileo's Solar Observations

    Space for Math - Finding Exoplanets

    Star Motions with Sky Simulators

    Solar System Ballet, or Chaos Can Be Fun
    • Astronomy Planning Calendar - Fall
    • The RAP Sheet - Research Abstracts for Practitioners
      • Pupils Produce Their Own Narratives Inspired by the History of Science: Animation Movies Concern the Geocentric-Heliocentric Debate
    • Astronomical Teachniques - Education Designed Universally
    • My Views of the Classroom Universe (Editor's Column) - Toe Dipping in the Online Pool

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