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Downloadable Resources from Issue 11- Spring 2012

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What Can You Teach With A Ring of Fire?

Summary of types of eclipses
Fred Espenak's eclipse information page
Safe solar eclipse observing
Comparing Sunscreens lab
Vernier's Photovoltaic Cells activity
Pinhole projector plans
Shadow Band Movie 1
Shadow Band Movie 2
Moon's Parallax During Eclipse Activity
Baily's Beads Timing Movie
Determining Solar diameter
Paul Maley's Eclipse Edge page

After The Transit of Venus Party is Over

Paper Plate activity on intersecting orbits
Everything you ever wanted to know about Transits of Venus

Teacher Resources from Chuck Bueter
Transit Math of Sten Odenwald
More Transit Math

CLEA's Transits of Mercury and Venus Lab
Transit Tracks activity from Kepler mission
van Roode's Transit of Venus activities
van Roode's educational activities

A Transit of Mercury Lab

College level lab activity
Elementary level lab activity

From Generation to Generation - Measuring Double Stars

Journal of Double Star Observations
Washington Double Star Catalog

Model Solar Systems - More Than Just A Walk In The Park
A Walk Through The Gainesville Model Solar System
Model Outdoor Solar Systems:
Gainesville, GA
Hayden Planetarium
Delmar Loop, St. Louis
Australia's Solar system Drive
Sweden's Solar System
New Mexico's Sunspot Model Solar System
Atlanta-Agnes Scott Model Solar System
Ithaca Sagan Space Walk
Maryland Anne Arundel Trail Planet Walk
Lakeview ILModel Solar System

Metapage of Model Solar Systems
Oh, Nooo!  What's That Thing In The Box??? Overcoming Telephobia

Lost Manuals Source
Astronomical League
Uncle Al's Skywheel at Hands-on Universe
Free Monthly Sky Map
First Telescope Buyers Guide
Global Hands-on Universe
Edmund Scientifics
Galileo Teacher Training Site with info on dark Sky Rangers and Globe at Night
Astronomers Without Borders
Astronomical Teachniques

Fran Leary's Navajo/NASA inflatable dome plans
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Adam Goss' DIY Planetarium Site
Jeff Adkins' Domes
Mirror-Dome projector instructions