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Downloadable Resources from Issue 10 - Winter 2011-12

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Discovering Astronomy Through Poetry
Programs to use to determine the skies during a poem's time period:

Ted Kooser's "After Hours" poem

The Art of Poetry
Mannone's slideshow, �Longfellow�s Mars� 

Two good sources you can use for a timeline: and 

Sketching The Moon and Galaxies

Astronomy Sketch of the Day

Taking Spreadsheets from Dull to Dynamic With Animation

Kepler's Third Law.xls

Escape Velocity.xls

Blackbody Radiation and Wien's Law.xls

Doppler Shift.xls

Developer's Guide to Excelets 
Simulations on your Online Course Pages With HTML5 The Code for the Retrograde Motion Demonstrator
The Accessible Universe
The Retrograde Motion demonstrator 

Which Toy Universe Would a Teacher Want for the Holidays?

Manufacturers of Toy Universes:
Sciencetech (Elenco) 
Discovery Store
This Issue's Most Puzzling Terms - Planetary Configuration and Light Terms The Puzzle, the Clues, and the Answer Key