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Downloadable Resources from Issue 12 - Summer 2012

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Materials  URLs
Sun Fun - Actively Observing The Active Sun

Telescope projection of the Sun
Rainbow Symphony solar glasses
Northeast Astronomy Forum
Lunt Solar systems
Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project
Is There A Chance of a Storm Today?

National Weather Services Space Weather Prediction center
WWV broadcast info
Geophysical Alert Message Texts

Finding Astronomically Nutritious News Stories
Riordon's Rubric for Ranking Breaking science Stories

The Transit of Venus Determines the A.U.
Transit of Venus Lab, with photos and instructions
Space Math

Viewing The Sun With Radio Eyes

Stanford Solar site
Solar Burst types
American Radio Relay League ARRL
Jim Sky's Radio Jupiter Central site
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
Radio Jove website

Photons Focused On - Astronomy in Mexican Cityscapes
Photos of UNAM's Library Astronomy Artwork on Outer Walls