TCA goes to 30 issues!; Eclipse Photo; Sky Lessons; IAU-Shaw–Constellations, Gravity, Tactile Galaxies, more; RAP–Gravitational Waves, Wiki Articles, Star Test; Black Hole Vid; 50% Off Holidays Sale

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  • Cover Photo – Sky Lessons Dusk and Dawn
  • Welcome to This Issue! – TCA is going to 30 Issues!; Two Additions to Our Revamped Homepage!
  • Article – We —Had—an Eclipse….
  • Sky Lessons (New Column, Cover Story) – Things You Can Teach at Night with Your Students—Three Planets, and a Comet
  • Astronomical Teachniques – 
    IAU-Shaw: The Stars—Making Constellations With Rubber Bands;
    IAU-Shaw: Gravity and Space-Time;
    IAU-Shaw: Tactile Galaxies, for Sighted and Visually Impaired Together;
    IAU-Shaw: Miscellaneous Things Noted.
  • Connection to the Sky – Students LOVE Black Holes and Destruction!
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners – 
    An Interactive Gravitational-Wave Detector Model for Museums and Fairs;
    – The First Paragraph Is As Good As It Gets: STEM Articles in Wikipedia and Opportunistic Learning;
    – Development and Application of a Concept Test on the Subject of Stars.
  • The Galactic Times Inbox Magazine #14 Highlights
  • The Hermograph End of Year/Holidays 50% Off Sale