Eclipse Things to Do; Teachniques–Moon, Spectra; Using iTelescope, Part 1; Hubble’s Nebulae; Earth’s Eccentricity; Eclipse Subscription Special; 37.5% Black Friday Sale

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  • Cover Photo – ITelescope’s Spanish Observatories
  • Welcome to this Issue! – Our New and Revamped Homepage!;
    The Moon’s Light is Reduced in Eclipse, and So is Our Subscription Rate for Then;
  • The November 19th Nearly Total, Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse – What Can You Do Educationally?
  • Astronomical Teachniques – IAU-Shaw: The Moon; What Can We See With Spectra?
  • Astronomy Remotely – (Cover Story) Observing with iTelescope, Part 1
  • Connection to the Sky – Hubble’s Field Guide to Nebulae
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners – How Eccentric Is the Orbit of the Earth, and Where Is the Sun?
  • The Galactic Times Inbox Magazine #13 Highlights
  • The Black Friday/End of Year/Holidays with 37.5% Discount Sale