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Downloadable Resources from Issue 13 - Fall 2012

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Materials  URLs
Astrophotography from the Inner City
Detailed instruction file for Canon Hackers Development Kit usage pdf file
CHDK Wiki Site

Automatic Camera Identifier and Downloader (ACID) software

CHDK autobuild download site

Card Triks software

SDMInst software

StarStaX software.

Durin's Day and Moonlit Maps--Astronomy of the Moon, taught by "The Hobbit"

Mayan 2012 prediction debunking file

Overview of astronomy in Tolkien's works

Karaite Korner Yahoo Group visual sightings

Crescent sighting website

Islamic lunar astronomy

World Map showing crescent viewing chances

Tables on viewing chances

Heights of the Sun and Moon in the sky

Lord of the Rings lunar chronology exercise

Pappas article on overhauling the calendar
Astronomical Teachniques - Transit of Venus Revisited
TCA's Transit of Venus Lab, with worked out example for 2012

Next Generation Standards for Astronomy

Next Generation Science Standards website

Dish Network to Space? - The Itty-Bitty Radio Telescope

Clarke Belt Information Site

Testing Your Binocular Limits with Binaries
The article, with table of Binaries, Map of Binaries and empty graph for plotting