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Downloadable Resources from Issue 8 - Summer 2011

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Materials  URLs
Measuring Star Brightness Using a Digital Camera The following are HUGE files.  It is best to right-click and do a Save Target As... to obtain the files.

A 31- Megabyte stacked images
practice file.

10 each darks (, 57 Megs), flats (, 80 Megs), images (, 67 Megs).

Detailed explanations of magnitude and color corrections
The Citizen Sky group.

Discussion of what Air Mass means in astronomy

The Citizen Sky 10-Star Tutorial.

A tutorial on photometry .

The Carte du Ciel program and Hipparcos catalogs can be found at

AIP4WIN software and book
IRIS software.
Maxim DL.

Visual Spectroscopy and the Borders of the Colors

Borders of the Colors blank spreadsheet
Blank Calibration Chart and Lab Worksheet

Digital Spectroscopy -- Light with a Laptop

Spectra of Street Lights
Unknown Light Source Activity

Measuring Galaxy Spectra for Velocities

Spectra of NGC 1832  The Vizier astronomy database service, which holds the Kennicutt Spectrophotometric Atlas of Galaxies.
Demonstrating the Loss of Starlight
The Light Shielding Demonstration and other activities including a high school level School Outdoor Lighting Audit.
There is an Astronomy community in the SPIE Newsroom, .

Using Spectra to Determine Planetary Nebulae Properties

Database of Planetary Nebulae Spectra, with activities..

Photons Focused On: Teacher at the Telescope, Getting Spectra

Example Stellar Spectra, Standards and Unknowns

BOAO All Sky Camera
Visibility Graph Generator