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Downloadable Resources from Issue 7 - Spring 2011

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Materials  URLs
Measuring the Age of the Expanding Universe with Google Sky 25 Galaxies
Harvard's Astrophysical Data Service, including many journals and publications.

Vizier data imaging service from the ADS

Google Sky
Gnomon Knowledge - Sundials Are A Global Activity Korean Sundial Template
The Article

The North American Sundial Society  sundial computer programs

The British Sundial Society sundial computer program page
Investigating Astronomy Without Using Vision Tactile Photos collection (zipped) NITARP


Emprint SpotDot

John McFarland's Kepler Project

Amazing Space Tactile Images
Three Methods of Using Online Space Data to Support Inquiry A Pair of Sunspot Photos for Rotation Study Solar System Simulator

Rice University's Discovering Plate Boundaries Activity

SOHO images

Sun spot activity


Teacher's Challenge - Puzzling Terms
Puzzle and Answers