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Worlds Near Collision - An International Asteroid Hunt Can you find the asteroid photos   

Astronomy Education under the Southern Cross

Best places to Visit in Australia:
3.9-m Anglo-Australian Telescope. The largest optical telescope on the Australian mainland

64-m Parkes radio telescope

Sydney Observatory, now part of the Powerhouse Museum is located above Sydney Harbour.

Science Centres: Questacon in Canberra

Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium in Melbourne.

Article Links:

  • Astronomy WA:
  • Australia Telescope Outreach and Education
  • Australian Curriculum and Assessment and Reporting Authority
  • Australian Science Teachers´┐Ż Association
  • Board of Studies NSW
  • CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
  • Digital Education Revolution
  • National Science Week
  • Space2Grow
  • Space Odyssey Team/Tara Telescope
  • Super Science Initiative
  • Victorian Space Science Education Centre
  • Inspiring Australia: A National Strategy for Engagement with the Sciences

  • Cell Phone-tography Helps Raise Astronomy Interest in Ontario
    Best Places to Visit in Ontario:  
    Gordon's Park Wilderness Retreat--dark sky preserve.
    Canada Science and Technology Museum

    Article Link:
    Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (includes its observatory at the CSTM above).

    Astronomical Teachniques

    International Observe the Moon Night website
    MyMoon website at LPI

    Russian Astronomy Holds On In a Unique school

    Best Places to Visit with A Sputnik!
    State Astronomical Institute, Moscow, See also on
    Pulkovo Observatory
    AstroFest festival, Email

    Article Link:
    Russian Standards website

    Ten Ideas for 'Natural' Astronomy from Italy

    Italian Top 10 Ideas

    Galileo Would Say Scope Out These Places for Astronomy in Italy!
    Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory
    Astronomical Observatory of Padova
    Planetario di Padova [Italian only]
    Cittа della Scienza [Italian only]
    La Torre del Sole [Italian only]

    Article Link:
    Ministry of Education's Guidelines for High School Diplomas

    Astronomy in India, National But Not Local

    A Sub-Continent With Super Astronomy sites!
    Ancient Observatories at Jantar Mantars and Jantar Mantars
    Konark Sun Temple in Orissa
    National Centre for Radio Astronomy

    Article Link:
    Vigyan Prasar (Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India)