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Downloadable Resources from Issue 18 - Winter 2013-14

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Materials  URLs
Bringing Meteors into the Classroom

Fireballs Online
Teacher workshops on meteors and all sky cameras
New Mexico State University All-Sky Network
Cameras for All Sky Meteor Surveillance
American Meteor Society
Wide Field Meteor Cameras

New Mexico State University All-Sky Network
Parallax exercises
Fireballs Online
Surplus Shed
Cloudbait Observatory
UFOCapture Software
Watec Cameras
Hauppage domes

Meteorite?  Or Meteor-wrong?

Meteorwrong article in newspaper
NASA Night Sky Network
Aerolite Meteorites
ELKK Meteorites
Washington University of St. Louis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Portland State University website
NASA Dawn handout
Meteor Market
Learn about Meteor Hunting
What are Meteorites?
Meteorite Identification
How to identify a meteorite
Meteorites Australia
What is a Meteorites?
Meteorite Times magazine
The Catalog of Meteorites
Grant Writing Tips for First Time Writers
Templates for Support Letters, A budget spreadsheet.

Exploring the Science Fiction of Mars

NASA Office of Planetary Protection
NASA Mars Exploration Office
Where is the United Federation of Planets?
Real Stars of Star Trek data spreadsheet
Memory Alpha
Coordinate Converter Website
Simbad Astronomy data archive

Astronomy of the Northern Sky---How Far is that Star?

Look back stars and Finding Charts

AstroStats 2:  Chi-Square and Is This Variable Star Data Good?
100 Light Curves of Data
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope