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Downloadable Resources from Issue 19 - Spring 2014

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Materials  URLs
Universal Healthcare for Satellites; Diagnosing the Health of Artificial Moons

Heavens Above satellite website

US Naval Observatory master Clock
Seeing the Invisible, Near and Far; Infrared Astronomy in the Classroom

Classroom Activity

Neewer infrared filter

Hoya infrared filter

Tripod from Sunpack

Heat Lamp from Phillips

Spitzer Space Telescope

Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy

The sky seen during a high altitude balloon flight

IR imaging space discoveries:

Jupiter's atmosphere

Infrared spectra of planetary atmosphere molecules


Star formation

Martian water minerals

Leaves from space

Brown dwarf chemistry

Galaxy formation
Maximizing Star Party Telescope Experiences

Clear Dark sky local weather and sky conditions
Astrolabes for the Modern Audience

Timothy Mitchell's astrolabe design website
Astronomical Teachniques

Your Course name written with galaxy letters
Spring Sky Planning Calendar

Measuring the Moon
Astronomy of the Northern Sky---To The Galaxy's Rim

Northern Sky star data
Hipparcos star database
AstroStats 3:  How Different are These Groups of Planets?
52 Planets' Data for the exercise