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Downloadable Resources from Issue 17 - Fall 2013

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Materials  URLs
All Eyes on ISON
December Observing Charts

Comet CSI - Was That Comet a Murder?

 Comet Spectrum exercise

Comet Mission homepages:A list of cometary molecules (such as this one with interesting historical context) at 

Students interested in finding when the next bright comet will be can consult Seiichi Yoshida�s comet page

Spectroscopy in general: .

An Insider's Tour of a Comet -- What is It That You Are Seeing?
Encke vs. ISON--The Science of What You Are Seeing

General Comet ISON Info:

NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign

Hubble Space Telescope ISON blog

Positions and Sky Charts:

Minor Planet Center

British Astronomical Society

AstroBob : great source for what�s in the sky

Comet Chasing

Seiichi Yoshida�s Comet Page  

How to observe and report observations:

ALPO Comet Section

Comet Observers Database International Comet Quarterly

Can You Create the Sound of Astronomical Data?
GRB time series audio files:
Text file of numerical data on EX Hya
NASA Data Archive website
Audio files of Jupiter, Sun, etc.
Audio file of Cassini passing through Saturn's ring plane
Pulsar audio files
Inquiry in Astronomy Textbooks

Year Round Teaching Tool - Astronomy of the Northern Sky---A Sky Quest, Lives of the Stars

Finding Charts
The article, complete

AstroStats 1:  Probabilities--The Drake equation and Life on Other Worlds

TED Ed Drake Equation video
PBS Drake Equation website
Computational Thinking article
Reach for the Stars website

CT-STEM website