#47 – Gravity Rules (A STEM Story) – Student Scientific Evaluations of Explanations – & 6 More Stories [Paid Post]

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In This Issue:

  • Cover Photo — Proof da Vinci Was Correct First
  • Welcome to Issue 47!
  • Gravity Rules! (A STEM Story) (Cover Story)
  • Connections to the Sky –
    – Economic Impacts of Space
    – Plasma Video
    – The Science of the Sky—La Ciencia del Cielo
  • Astronomical Teachniques – Distances in the Universe: An Inquiry Lab Sequence Taught in West Africa and North America
    – Recorded Workshops With Authentic Data
  • The RAP Sheet —
    – Students’ Scientific Evaluations of Astronomical Origins
    – The Method of Observation in Science Education:
    Characteristic Dimensions from an Educational Perspective
  • The Galactic Times Newsletter-Inbox Magazine Issue #43 Highlights