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  • Welcome to Issue 17!
  • Sky Lessons  – Venus and Mars Shift With Day, Place, and Latitude!
  • Astronomical Teachniques – A Brute Force Variable Star Plotting for Beginners
  • Connection With the Sky – Zooming Through the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (Cover Story)
  • The RAP Sheet – Research Abstracts for Practitioners – Old Journals, New Journal (A Look at Astronomy Education Journal);
    – Assessing Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Understanding of Science Practices Using Children’s Astronomy Storybooks;
    – A Historical Method Approach to Teaching Kepler’s 2nd Law;
    Two Articles to Help You with Introductory Statistics:
    – An Observational Project for a Large Class — Determination of the Duration of the Sidereal Day. and Timing Pulsars: An Exercise in Statistical Analysis and the Scientific Process.
  • The Galactic Times Inbox Magazine Issue 16 Highlights