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Downloadable Resources from Issue 20 - Summer 2014

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Materials  URLs
Flipping the Planetarium:  The World Wide Telescope in a Dome

The University of Washington Mobile Planetarium/A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Justin Gailey�s Optics Box Construction guide

Suggested WWT tour ideas

WWT Ambassadors� site

University of Washington Mobile Planetarium page
Catching 'Rays'--Muon Science With Probeware

The Berkeley Lab Cosmic Ray Telescope Project (

QuarkNet (

Home, Sweet New Home--Astronomy for Students Under Alien Skies

The Open Source Physics Collection:

Modeling the History of Astronomy:

 An article describing these materials was published in Astronomy Education Review. This article is available online:

The Copernican Revolution:

Astronomy of the Northern Sky---Beyond the Galaxy's Edge

Northern Sky galaxy data and charts
Aladin Sky Atlas, based on the Palomar Digital Sky Survey,