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Where is the United Federation of Planets?

The Hermograph Press two-sided mini-poster showing the locations of the 43 real universe objects mentioned in all of the Star Trek series, plotted on galactic scales showing galactic structure and determinable empire borders , and in Earthly skies, with a list of all worlds and their Star Trek lore and known exo-planet status. Originally published in The Classroom Astronomer, Issue 18 and adapted from the forthcoming Hermograph Press book Federation Space

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Nine Days Traveling

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  • Issue 5 - July 16

    Cover Photo -Planet B?

    Connection with the Sky
    Help With a Color Impairment Tool
    LandSat Art

    Astronomical Teachniques
    The Galactic Times Podcast on the Harmonies of the World--How Many Exoplanets Can You Hear?
    Teaching about No Planet B

    The RAP Sheet
    * A Study of Learning Vocabulary by VR, 360 Annotation, and 2D...which works?
    An Examination of Science Center Visitors' Interactions with Exhibits

    A Look at Next Generation science Standards, in Astronomy. Part 2 - A Full Course, and Mistakes

  • Issue 4 - July 1

Cover Photo - How the Earth Tilts!

Connection with the Sky
A Call to Join a Zooniverse Activity on CO2 Effects on Mars, and Earth
IAU's Official List of Astronomy's Connections to Other Human Endeavors

Astronomical Teachniques
The Galactic Times Podcast on the Harmonies of the World--Useful for the Visually Impaired, and the Not Visually Impaired

The RAP Sheet
* Motivations ande Attitudes of Attendees at Public Science Event Observing Sessions
Tell Me a Story, Professor!  The use of historical stories in Physics (and Astronomy)

A Look at Next Generation science Standards, in Astronomy. Part 1

  • Issue 3 - June 16

Cover Story - Photographing the June 10th Partial Phases, and the Sun in General (with a list of upcoming solar eclipses)

Connections to the Sky
Cirtual Radio Observatories Tours

Astronomical Teachniques
Earth Rotation Video, from the Earth!
Words, and How You Show Them, Matter

RAP Sheet
QuaRCS Assessment

  • Issue 2 - June 1

Connections to the Sky
The Solstick and Determining the Earth's Size, on Any Day

Astronomical Teachniques
When is the Milky Way not a Candy Bar?
Tactile Printing--Not Just for the Blind Anymore

RAP Sheet
The Curious Construct of Active Learning

  • Issue 1 - May 15

Article - Software Review of WebbVR

Connection to the Sky
Global Astronomy Month Resources and Activities

Astronomical Teachniques
Brightness, Color and Location are All There Is

RAP Sheet
Science Knowledge and Attitudes of Lifelong Learners in Massively Open Online Courses
Design and Validation of an Instrument to Test Students' Understanding of the Apparent Motion of the Sun and Stars