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The Hermograph Press two-sided mini-poster showing the locations of the 43 real universe objects mentioned in all of the Star Trek series, plotted on galactic scales showing galactic structure and determinable empire borders , and in Earthly skies, with a list of all worlds and their Star Trek lore and known exo-planet status. Originally published in The Classroom Astronomer, Issue 18 and adapted from the forthcoming Hermograph Press book Federation Space

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Nine Days Traveling

The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter is a twice-monthly email newsletter, straight to your Inbox, covering many of the same topics as the magazine, starting in May 2021.  The newsletter contains:

  • Articles on useful educational software
  • Astronomical Teachniques, tips and methods to teach specific topics
  • Services and other items connect teachers and students to sky events and objects (Connections to the Sky)
  • And the RAP Sheet--items found in scholarly research that you can use now. 
  • A look at the astronomy standards in the NGSS--Next Generation Science Standards.

    And more!
Designed for use for all levels of astronomy educators, including the pandemically virtual home teachers and home schoolers, and anyone who wants more than just a "Wow, what's up in the sky?" news briefing. Upcoming columns and articles will include, for example, a column on the astronomy in the Next Generation Science Standards.  Many items come from the most recent astronomy and astronomy education world conferences! Written by longtime astronomer,
journalist and educator Dr. Larry Krumenaker. 

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Tables of Contents of Issues Published


Issue 6 - August 1

Cover Photo -- Living on Proxima Centauri?

Connection with the Sky
Life on a Pale RED Dot (An Art/Science Project)

Astronomical Teachniques
Rotating Potatoes = Asteroids!
Cultural Astronomy in Your Hometown
External Teachers Advice
Virtual Primary School Advice--Get Up and Dance!

The RAP Sheet
* An Antikytherea Replica for the Classroom
* Science Outreach with Seniors

A Look at Next Generation science Standards, in Astronomy. Part 3 - Some Physics

Issues 1-10 (May-September 2021)       Issues 11-20 (October 2021-February 2022)        Issues 21-30 (March 2022-July 2023)


Index by Subject Type


  • History

Using Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds to show planetary distances, eccentricities, and more for the visually impaired with sound, and to create the sounds (notes and chords) for the non-impaired - 4
Cultural Astronomy in Your Hometown - 6
An Antikythera Replica for the Classroom - 6

  • Sun

Eclipse Photography (and Out of Eclipse, too) - 3

  • Earth

Determining Earth's Size on Any Given Day - 2
Earth's Rotation Video, from its surface - 3
How the Earth Tilts (as seen from space) - 4
A Call to Join a Zooniverse Activity on CO2 effects on Mars and Earth - 4
LandSat Art - 5
Teaching about No Planet B - 5

  • Asteroids

Rotating Potatoes (and light curves) - 6

  • Mars and its Probes

A Call to Join a Zooniverse Activity on CO2 effects on Mars and Earth - 4

  • Satellites and Space Telescopes

Webb Telescope - VR Program - 3

  • Telescopes, Earth Based

Virtual Radio Observatory Tours - 3

  • Stars, General

Brightness, Color, Location

  • Stars with Exoplanets

Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds adapted to Exoplanetary Systems--How many can you hear? - 5

  • The Milky Way

When is the Milky Way not a Candy Bar? - 2

  • Art and Science

Life on a Pale RED Dot (Using Infrared Photography to Simulate Life on planets around M Dwarf stars) - 6


  • General Resources

Global Astronomy Month - 1
Tactile Printing. Not Just for the Blind Anymore -2
Active Learning basics - 2
Words, and How You Show Them, Matter -3
IAU's Official List of Astronomy's Connections to Other Human Endeavors - 4
Tell Me a Story, Professor!  The use of historical stories in Physics (and Astronomy) - 4
An Imaging Tool for Color Impaired Students Needs Testers - 5
Advice for External Teachers - 6
Virtual Primary Schooling Advice--Get Up and Dance! - 6
Science Outreach with Seniors - 6

  • Standards

Next Generation Science Standards in Astronomy, Part 3 (Some Physics) - 6
Next Generation Science Standards in Astronomy, Part 2 (The Whole Course, and Mistakes) - 5
Next Generation Science Standards in Astronomy, Part 1 (General Description) - 4

  • Assessments

What works better for vocabulary? VR, 360 Annotated, or 2D? - 5
Science Center Visitors' Interactions with Exhibits - 5
Motivations and Attitudes of Attendees at Public science Event Observing Sessions - 4
QuaRCS - 3
MOOCs - 1
Knowledge of Sun and Star motions - 1

The Classroom Astronomer Newsletter is published by Hermograph Press LLC, Opelika, AL.

Publisher/Editor: Dr. Larry Krumenaker